mathew bojerski

6 years of experience, SEO, PPC, CRO.

Hello, we are C4

Internet marketer and SEO who’s worked with brands like Move for Minds from Maria Shriver (Click Here to see the video we made) and Home Care Assistance, one of the worlds largest in-home care providers for seniors.

Your Conversion Specialists

We approach any consult or campaign scientifically.  C4 believes in putting data first and using our years of expertise with proven case studies to evaluate your lead volume, total revenue, and traffic.

PPC and Paid Traffic

In 2018, Google AdWords and PPC advertising has become the most profitable strategy of digital advertising.  It’s also confusing and complex figuring out how to decrease your average cost per conversion.  That’s why we’re here.  We’ve joined together as a team of experts to build and optimize even the most complex campaigns.


SEO is far past the days of being sold as a bronze, silver, or gold package.  Here at C4, we focus on strong core components which bring you results.

1) Auditing and Competitor Research:  Depending on the size of the campaign, the first 15 to 30 days are dedicated to auditing your website, digital footprint, backlink profile, and researching your competition.  After leaving every stone upturned, we confidently present a 12-month strategy which will not only increase traffic, but drive more leads coming from your website.

2) Keyword Research and Gap Analysis:  If you’ve ever written on the same topic more than once, the chances of those pages competing against one another is highly likely.  We’ve found most of the time, neither of these pages will rank for very long in moderate to competitive keyword search results.  With proper keyword research, we’re able to develop a sustainable organic growth strategy through producing content on-site.  C4 takes buyer intent into consideration, we’re not here to drive traffic that will never convert.

4) Content Creation: Content creation is a huge essential piece of building an effective organic strategy, that’s no secret.  How you go about creating content from research through fulfillment is the difference between saving hundreds of thousands dollars worth of paid traffic through organic mediums and spending a fortune in equivalent paid traffic.

It’s true, it is a necessity to invest in an organic presence but over time, this investment becomes minuscule compared to the value retrieved every month.  C4 works with in-house content teams in providing strategic direction in the creation of on-site content as well as provides an hands-off approach for those looking to minimize their operational costs – the savings in time, cost, and error makes it an easy choice.

4) Link Building: C4 develops unique outreach strategies to promote your business to acquire authoritative links.  These links are primarily what is responsible for driving your content vertically up the search results and inevitably driving more visitors to your website pages.  Each website that we suggest to you prior to reaching out must pass a series of metrics, this way, we eliminate spam and irrelevant sites.


Or conversion rate optimization, is the improvement of conversation rate per page through testing hypotheses and analyzing traffic sources.

There’s a few true reasons as to why a visitor will take action on your website.  These are called triggers.

1) Facilitators: Facilitators work extremely well in circumstances where your potential customers or visitors have a high motivation but low perceived value.  This occurrence happens when your lead capture process looks too complicated or invasive.  We’ve found simplifying CTA’s and incorporating “easy” perceived elements do the trick.

2) Signals: Signals, signals, signals.  We’re not talking about that little lever next to the steering wheel that no one knows what it’s used for anymore.  We’re talking about your basic type of visitor.  Someone who doesn’t particularly have a lack in motivation to take action, there isn’t a low level of perceived difficulty, and the user from all perspectives, fits your criteria well.  To convert these users, we focus on CTA’s showing how the user is going to do something or take an action.

3) Sparks: Sparks, AKA love at first sight.  Well, maybe not for every vertical… This visitor is low on motivation but high on perceived value or ability.  Your CTA may look like an easy task just to sign up for your newsletter or share to social media to download resources.  CTA’s in this situation should show increasing value, incentivizing the user, and increasing motivation.

Pro tip:  if you find the majority of your users are highly motivated, do not try and motivate them with your copy or CTA’s, you’re just going to bore them into leaving.  This same rule applies towards perceived value.

We quickly and efficiently find out what problem your website is facing and where you are losing money by determining what motivates your potential visitors to take action.  We then identify the most common type of visitor who converts on your website, create a hypothesis, and A/B test to increase your ROI on ad spend, reduce your cost per acquisition, and increase your revenue.


210% is the average growth of the websites we worked on in 2017.  Chances are, your website will grow too.