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Home Care Assistance CRO

Home Care Assistance runs a blog where content is being created 3x every week with word counts reaching over 1,000.  In addition to the 100’s of thousand readers subscribed to their monthly newsletter, these blog posts are shared across social media, Facebook pages, and the like.  After running a few UI/UX changes and CRO suggestions to the blog, we saw an increase in unique page views by 298.31%, a 142.63% increase in avg. time on page, and 113.34% increase in page views.

Home Care Assistance SEO

Over the course of 4 months, we averaged growing the organic visitors over 211% across 16 separate locations through the use of targeted content creation, link building, and social promotion.

Home Care Assistance Web Development

Home Care Assistance seeks to become the leader in changing the way the world ages.  By combining technology and care, HCA teamed up with our top developer in creating robust applications for monitoring a loved one’s health and status while undergoing the “Balanced Care Method” – a unique system designed to assist with the hardships of debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Home Care Assistance Design

Improving the design of paid ad landing pages, complete design of new caregiver application site, and more.

Pet Stop SEO

We strategized creating a new foundation for Pet Stop, seeing as the one the site was built on was leaking traffic between 5% and 15% every month.  After performing in-depth keyword and competitor research, we created a few handfuls of on-site articles and began our guest posting campaigns.  A few months into the campaign, Pet Stop grew 24.20% in unique page views.

Pet Stop Web Development and Design

Pet Stop needed a branded theme to work with their content strategy.  With the creation of templated blog images with graphic overlays, list-based infographics, and visual design, their blogs were quickly spruced up which increased average on-page viewed time and time on site.